Highlights of Kerala Budget 2017- 18

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Highlights of Kerala Budget 2017- 18

  • The budget promises Rs 25,000 crore worth of infrastructure projects in 2017-18
  • Finance minister praises Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Board
  • The government will spend Rs 150 crore on water conservation projects, says Isaac. Waterbody revival will be taken up NREGA.
  • Free treatment for lifestyle diseases. Primary health sector to get Rs 2,000 crore. These health centres will provide free diabetes, cholesterol drugs.
  • The budget makes provisions for the creation of over more than 5,000 medical posts, including doctors.
  • Rs 10 crore allocated for sewage maintenance. Efforts will be on to bring an end for manual scavenging
  • Budget promises creation of 2,500 new posts of teachers in the state. State schools to get 45,000 more smart classrooms.
  • Rs 100 crore allocated for Smart City mission. Thiruvananthapuram likely to be included.
  • Government to set up autism parks in all districts of the state
  • The budget allocates Rs 1,621 crore for child welfare.
  • Finance minister announces Rs 10 crore for endosulfan victims.
  • Rs 350 crore under Karuna scheme allocated by the minister.
  • Over one lakh homeless people to get houses under budgetary provisions.
  • Rs 128 crore allocated for coir industry. Rs 50 crore will be spent under coir workers_welfare scheme.
  • The government will spend Rs 39 crore for development of ports.
  • Rs 45 crore allocation for coconut farming, Rs 10 crore for pepper and cardamom. Special project for rice cultivation in Kuttanad and Palakkad.
  • Budget make provisions for free internet for 20 lakh economically-backwards families
  • Rs 270 crore allocated for public sector units in the state
  • The budget allocates Rs 549 crore for IT sector. Rs 100 crore allocated for IT mission.

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