Proposal for using Padmatheertham water

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A proposal to install fire hydrants that draw water from the Padmatheertham pond near the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple is likely to be placed before traders from Chala during a meeting convened by District Collector Biju Prabhakar here on Wednesday.

The proposal will be to have at least two hydrants connected to the pond. However, Mr. Prabhakar said, the realisation of the proposal would depend on the reaction of the traders and their contribution, in monetary terms, to the same.

“It is just a suggestion. We are open to other ideas as well. Fire and Rescue Services officials too have been invited to the meeting to come up with any suggestions they might have,” he said.

The possibilities of a safety evaluation exercise, with respect to the lack of and installation of fire safety precautions, in the market area too would be discussed during the meeting, the Collector said.


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