Unemployment situation worsening in Kerala

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Unemployment situation in Kerala has been worsening over the years. According to the figures quoted in the Economic review 2013, the total number of work seekers in Kerala has risen to 44.99 lakh by 31st December 2012. Total number of work seekers in Kerala was 36.70 lakh persons in 2005. (refer table below)


Total work seekers in Kerala (2005-2012)

(lakh persons)

Year General work seekers Professional/Technical work seekers Total work seekers
2005 34.93 1.77 36.70
2006 36.93 1.64 38.57
2007 38.39 1.49 39.88
2008 40.01 1.43 41.44
2009 41.54 1.46 43.00
2010 41.60 1.50 43.10
2011 41.98 1.64 43.62
2012 43.29 1.70 44.99


Source: Appendix 3.73, economic Review, Volume 2, P 168

As can be seen from the table, total number of work seekers have been continuously increasing from 2005 till 2012. Out of the total number of work seekers, the number of general work seekers had shown a general tendency to increase, while total number of work seekers in the professional/technical category has been showing a tendency to decline.

Out of the total number of work seekers, 63.05 percent (28.37 lakh) where job seekers with SSLC qualification. And in this category the tendency has been an upward trend. While in 2005 work seekers with SSLC as qualification was only 21.81 lakh it had increased to 28.37 lakh by 2012. In 2012, 13.3 percent of work seekers (5.98 lakh) belonged to there with qualification below SSLC. In this category also, the tendency has been that of decline. In 2005, 9.52 lakh persons below SSLC where work seekers. But by 2012, work seekers belonging to this category declined to 5.98 lakh persons. Work seekers with post graduate degree constituted 1.08 percent (0.49 lakh persons) of the total work seekers in the year 2012. This category of work seekers also declined from o.55 lakh persons in 2005 to 0.49 lakh persons in 2012. And work seekers with below SSLC above, SSLC, HSC, Degree, Post graduate, SSLC and above above contributed to 86.7 percent of total work seekers in kerala in the year 2012. Work seekers belonging to the above category has increased from 82.9 percent in 2005 to 86.7 percent in the year.

On the other hand, number of professional and technical work seekers has shown a tendency to decline over the years, from 1,76,922 in 2005 to 1,59,339 in the year 2013. Among this category unemployment has been at the top among the ITI certificate holders with 87,270 (54.7%) persons remaining unemployed in year 2013. Second in the list was Diploma holders in engineering with 40,861 persons (25.6 percent) remaining unemployed in 2013. 12,284 medical graduates, 17,895 engineering graduate 434 agricultural graduates and 595 veterinary graduates remained unemployed in the state in the year. Across different category unemployment among medical graduation had remained static at around

2200 across 2005 and 2012 with a sudden jump to 12,284 in the year 2013. Unemployment among engineering graduates has been on the rise from 6389 in 2005 to nearly 3 times at 17,895 in the year 2013. Unemployment among ITI certificate holders had shown a clear tendency to decline from 1,24,410 in 2005 to 87,270 in the year.


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